We renovate our homes for many reasons – to sell it for a higher price, to improve its current livability, or just because we’re ready for a change! But before you begin the process of working with BTL Homes to remodel your home – whether it’s a full-home remodel or a new bathroom, kitchen, basement, or more – it’s important for you to know what to expect. What challenges await you during the process?

Step One: Contact the company of your choice

Of course, we’re going to recommend that you contact BTL Homes for your home renovation, but it’s important to do your due diligence. Talk to friends, read reviews, and make use of sites like¬†Home Advisor. You want a company that is licensed and experienced in the types of renovation you’re looking for, and you’ll find out more about what they can offer during the consultation.

Step Two: Make the most out of the consultation

Our design consultations include a home visit, a detailed discussion of the project as you envision it, and the opportunity to talk through the entire renovation from start to finish. You’ll be able to look through portfolios and options, ask questions, and get a real sense of whether or not you’re making the right choice for you and your home.

Step Three: Deciding what works for you

We are here to provide guidance and input – what will work best in the space, what will look the most aesthetically pleasing, what’s practical and what’s normal. In the end, of course, it’s your choice, but as experts, we want you to rely on us to help you make the best choices for your home.

Step Four: Expect the unexpected

You never know what workers are going to find once the project has commenced. From faulty wiring to mislaid pipes, there is almost always something unexpected that happens. It might be a huge storm that delays work from continuing, or makes a material difficult to get. The important thing is to be flexible and realize that we’re used to this happening – very few projects happen without any unexpected issues – and we’ll be able to communicate clearly with you to find solutions to any problem that may arise.

Step Five: Embrace the mess

No matter how meticulous and fanatically clean we are, there’s always going to be some disarray. Dust, dirt, debris, wood shavings, paint chips – this is all part of the process, so protect your home as best as you can. Cover furniture, pack away any belongings in the general area, and move anything that needs to stay pristine. It’s always our goal to clean as we go and restrict the mess to our immediate area, but it’s an aspect of a renovation project that is unfortunately unavoidable, which means at that point it’s all about attitude!

Step Six: Plan for disruptions to your routine

A bathroom remodel means that bathroom won’t be available. A kitchen remodel means that your kitchen might not be accessible. Your normal routine is likely to be disrupted while the project is underway, and it’s important to plan for the days ahead. Whether you decide to stay in a hotel, order to-go food that you eat in another room, or shower in the kids’ bathroom, the sooner you figure out the best option for you, the happier you’ll be!

By being prepared, choosing the right company, and knowing what you want, your next remodeling project can be painless and fun too. Contact BTL Homes today to find out how we can help you achieve your next dream!