Here at BTL Homes, we are the premier choice for homeowners who want to rebuild, renovate, or remodel their home located in the MidAtlantic states. From Maryland through Virginia, we are recommended for our quality, our eye for design, and our skill. In the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve learned that many of our clients don’t know the difference between renovation, remodeling, and rebuilding. While the differences can be a bit subtle, the terms are important to understand, especially when communicating with our design team about your needs. These terms are used interchangeably by many people, but when it comes to the housing industry, it’s important to be distinct.

Remodel by BTL Homes

Remodel by BTL Homes

Renovation vs. Remodeling vs. Rebuilding:

What is renovation?

Renovating means restoring to a good state of repair, or making something look like it’s new again. When we renovate, we update the details without affecting the structure. A renovation can include new lighting, new floors, new counters, and more – restoring a room or rooms to give them a new look without physically changing the state of the house. It’s a new look with the same layout.

What is remodeling?

Remodeling means reconstructing, or changing structure or form. When we remodel, we may remove walls, remove cabinets, change doors and windows, raise ceilings, and reconstruct the room so that it has a different structure than it did. The original design of the house has been transformed in one or many ways beyond superficial updates.

What is rebuilding?

Rebuilding is disassembling a structure or part of a structure and assembling it again but with new materials. This can be as drastic as demolishing an entire home and starting from scratch or as simple as building an addition to the existing structure. Rebuilding gives you an almost completely different home on the same lot and is always a complex project.

Which do you need?

We can’t tell you that, but what we can do is meet with you to discuss your needs and your goals with your home, and then work with you to accomplish those goals as efficiently as possible. Renovations are generally the most cost-effective way to update a home, giving a new look to the existing layout. Remodels are great ways to open up more space, modernize your home, and adapt to your current needs. Rebuilds are best when you love your neighborhood but not the home, and it needs significant structural updates. Whether you’re making it more energy efficient, fixing a structural flaw, or expanding the existing size, a rebuild would be the best approach for you.

Does BTL Homes do renovations, remodels, and rebuilds?

We do! Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our design specialists, and we can discuss all of your options and find the solution that meets your needs, your budget, and your vision for your home, whether it’s going to be newly renovated, remodeled or rebuilt!


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