How many years have you been saying you’re going to tackle your basement, yet it still sits there, unfinished and full of promise? With BTL Homes, you can make sure your basement is done professionally and efficiently, and you can finally use it!

Your options when it comes to basements are almost endless: an entertainment center, a home office, a playroom for your kids, a gym, or even an extra suite for guests! There are so many options, though, that it can be hard to make the right choice. Finding the best concept for your budget and your ultimate vision for your house is a challenge in and of itself.

Here are some tips from us to you when it comes to planning out your finished basement remodel:

  • Make Sure You Know What You Want – a lack of clarity can have a huge impact on the budget and project deadline, so it’s important to be clear specifically how you envision your finished basement.
  • Stick To What’s Possible – our design consultants can help you figure out what will work best with the space you have, but you can also do some of the homework yourself. Take measurements of the actual available space, look for ideas online, and see what elements are must-haves.
  • What Can You Live Without? – Maybe you love the idea of a guest suite in your basement for your frequent guests, but does it need to have a kitchen? Is an extra bathroom going to be worth the effort or will it just be at risk of deteriorating unused over the years? What are the options you need, and which are the ones you are okay with leaving in the dust?
  • How Long Will You Be Living There? Are you going to sell your home in three years? Ten? Is this a forever home? Even though it’s unlikely you’ll have a complete answer to that question, it can help you assess whether this finished basement is mostly for you or mostly for the return on investment.
  • Is The Basement Sound? Before beginning any project, make sure that the basement as part of your underlying home’s structure meets all standards. Fixing those issues ahead of time can save time and money when it comes to the remodel.
  • How Much Customization Do You Need? There’s nothing wrong with building the basement of your dreams, and our design consultation can help you identify all of the cost-effective ways to realize your vision, but there may also be some elements that simply don’t need customization.
  • Save On Materials By Keeping Your Tastes Reasonable. From real wood to tile, marble to granite, there are always options when it comes to the building, flooring, and accouterments. Does your guest suite need the most expensive flooring, or will it look just as wonderful with a cheaper option? This is something to consider.
  • Walls Are Work – the more open your floor plan, the better! Permanent walls add more work, cost more money, and have the risk of a lot more in the way of headaches too.
  • Even A Partial Finish Is Better Than Nothing – Maybe your basement just needs some good flooring, a professional paint job, nice lighting, and new furniture! There’s no reason that you can’t finish your basement in stages – make it usable, and then make it incredible!

We’re here to help. Contact us today to learn about what we can do to achieve your finished basement goals!